Welcome To Ellesmere House


Welcome To Ellesmere House

Mornington Peninsula B&B Blairgowrie Victoria Australia


The shaded winding drive reveals the stately period style lines of Ellesmere House B&B providing private bed and breakfast accommodation for couples. The quiet and secluded location atop a ridge is only minutes from the ocean and bay beaches of Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria – just 1½ hours from Melbourne.

Guest accommodation suites overlook a lovely garden of roses and lavender. The tranquil atmosphere continues indoors where period features and restful decor combine to create an ambience of peace and serenity.

Breakfast is included in the tariff and comprises a gourmet basket of poached or fresh seasonal fruit, selection of cereals, toast, home made jam, tea and coffee.

The beaches of Blairgowrie and some of the best coffee and dining on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula are only 10 minutes walk away from Ellesmere House Bed and Breakfast. Our B&B accommodation is only a few minutes drive to historic Sorrento Village with its many restaurants, cafes and attractions.


All About Adult Toys

All About Adult Toys

Modern people are more confident than ever. That’s why it’s never hard to find people who use adult toys frequently. If you’re a fully-grown individual who is in tune with your sexuality and spirit, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using adult toys. Adult toys can come in handy for caring romantic partners who have been in relationships for a while. They can come in handy for single people who want to let off steam once in a while as well.

There are many ways to get adult toys nowadays. There are widely known boutiques that specialise in sex toys all over the place. If you conduct a rapid online search, you should be able to locate a plenitude of them near you. Try to zero in on local stores that have excellent reputations. You don’t want to squander your energy on shops that aren’t equipped with sizable toy selections. You don’t want to waste your energy on shops that carry toys that are of inferior quality in any way, either.

joujou adult and sex toys

Some people frown upon the idea of purchasing adult toys in person. They know that there’s no shame in buying these kinds of toys. They also care about their privacy, though. If you want to buy toys in a discreet manner, you can go online. There are plentiful Internet retailers that stock countless options in toys for Adult Toys by Joujou who are mature. If you’re a busy person who barely has any time to go grocery shopping, then browsing toys on the Internet may be a more practical route for you. Shopping on the Internet can be preferable for people who don’t want to run into others while they’re comparing all of their choices in adult toys. It can be unnerving to look at toys while other people are staring in your direction.

Reviews for adult toys can be helpful. They can help people determine which options are optimal. They can help people pinpoint which choices are less than stellar all the same. If you have friends who are open and honest, you can ask them for possible suggestions, too. Remember, though, that people all have their own distinctive preferences and tastes. Your friend may like toys that are nothing like the ones you appreciate. That’s 100 percent fine.

Use of toys for adults can sometime be bewildering to individuals who don’t have much familiarity with them. Fortunately, these toys are often equipped with clear and straightforward instructions. If you take the time to read these instructions in detail, you should have zero troubles. Make sure to read all about proper care practices as well. You don’t want to make the mistake of unintentionally ruining your new toy purchases. There are some toys for adults that are particularly resilient. There are others that are decidedly weak in comparison. There are also many adult toy options that come with many tiny parts. You should take note of these types of sex toys https://www.joujou.com.au/. If you accidentally misplace a component, your toy may cease to work.

What to Look For When Buying Sex Toys

What to Look For When Buying Sex Toys

Many people like to buy sex toys. Others may think about buying adult toys but have not done so before. For those who have never purchased sex toys before, there are things they should consider first. Certain things should be kept in mind including the way the Sex Toys At Joujou feel in the hand, the type of material that is used and the kind of adult toys that are popular right now. All of these factors can help anyone find the kind of toys they personally like best. They can also help the person find new and truly exciting ways that they can please themselves and please a partner. It’s a good idea to think about buying sex toys with a partner as the partner may also have certain kinds of toys in mind for use in the bedroom.

How it Feels

Feeling is a big part of pleasure. Touch is part of making love and feeling great. This should be true for any toy. It should feel right in the hand. Take the time to touch it and see how it feels next to the skin. Touching something gives a good indication of how it will work when it’s used. Think about how it feels. It may feel slightly too heavy or too light or it may feel just right the second it’s picked up. Each person should think about what they want from the sex toy when the lift it up. A good toy is one that will make the person happy from the second they hold it.

Different Materials

Different toys are made out of different materials. Some might be made from glass. Other commonly seen materials used for these kinds of toys include hard plastic, silicone and jelly as well as wood. Many people have a preference for one kind of material over another. It’s a good idea to think about which materials the shopper finds most attractive. They may be drawn to certain types of material that has a certain feel and give to them. A partner may prefer to buy other kinds of sex toys that are made from entirely different materials. Find more adult and sex toys at https://www.joujou.com.au/

A Good Selection

Some people having only one or two sex toys on hand in the bedroom for use now and then when they’re in the mood for something different. Another person may want to have a larger selection of toys. Each person should also consider rotating out certain toys. Examine the toys carefully. Note any areas that may be damaged. If something is damaged, it should be thrown away as it may otherwise spread germs and cause pain. Then the person can find new toys that are either the same or very similar. Periodically searching for new adult toys is one way to keep in fresh in the bedroom. It’s also one way to fully explore a person’s sexuality. Toys can offer a means of letting people’s imagination run wild and making them think about what they really want to do in the bedroom.

Searches for Adult Toys

Searches for Adult Toys

Australia is a large nation that’s home to many individuals who comprehend sexuality extremely well. It’s not a country that’s composed primarily of prudes who have narrow-minded attitudes about sex and about relationships. That explains why it’s so simple to purchase adult toys in Australia. If you’re determined to buy top-notch adult toys Down Under, then you have no reason to feel anxious. Choices in adult toys in Australia are copious and varied. People can practically effortlessly shop for sex dolls, dildos, vibrators and much more adult toys https://www.joujou.com.au/.

Adult toys can mean different things to different people. There are toys that are pretty basic in premise. There are others that are substantially more creative and complex. If you like the classics, you should have no trouble finding them in stores all around Australia. These toys are accessible to purchase in tiny towns all over Australia. They’re just as simple to purchase in the nation’s plentiful massive metropolises. If you want to buy toys for adults in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane or Perth, you don’t have to feel any trepidation. Australia makes finding toys convenient for everyone.

Finding information on adult toys in Australia isn’t at all tough. You can turn to the Internet for details that involve these sorts of toys. There are a wealth of trusted online resources for folks who are studying up on toys and what they offer. There are a wealth of highly regarded books for folks who are studying up on them as well. If you stop by a library or a bookshop in your community, you should be able to come across at least a few helpful pieces of literature. Magazines and other similar publications can often be useful to people who want details regarding the adult toy universe.

If you’re curious about adult toys, you should discuss the situation with an individual you trust completely. You may have a laid-back sibling who has spoken about the topic in the past. You may have a pal or coworker who has expressed her adoration of adult toys, too. Don’t be timid about talking about these toys. People sometimes unnecessarily feel embarrassed about the topic. If you’re a well-rounded adult who knows what you want out of life, however, you have no reason to feel awkward even for half a second. Speaking with others can provide you with insight. It can help you narrow down all of the toy choices that you find out about during the research process as well. There are so many adult toy categories nowadays that browsing then can often be extremely complicated and time-consuming. If you look at choices in toys and feel like you have no clue where to even begin, getting a helping hand may be fantastic.

Toys that are designed for adults can sometimes cost a lot of money. If you look around cautiously, though, you should be able to find out about options that are in actuality pretty cheap. You don’t have to be rich to buy five-star adult toys https://www.joujou.com.au/.

Liven Up Your Life With Sex Toys

Liven Up Your Life With Sex Toys

One of life’s greatest pleasures is a pleasing sex life. When people are happy in the bedroom, they’re also happy in other areas of their lives as well. One way to make life in the bedroom even more fun is with sex toys. There are many different kinds of sex toys people today can find on the market. Each person can have sex toys that are designed to help increase their feelings of pleasure when making love to another person. Many sex toys are also about helping people think about what they like to do in the bedroom and helping each person discover how to make that experience in life even more full of pleasure in every single way.

Letting Go

People who use sex toys can let go of any feelings they might not like and allow themselves to get in touch with the inner part of them that loves being alive. Sensuous pleasures are part of living life fully. When people feel free to let go of their inhibitions, they can find out what it is that makes them feel good about life. Letting go can also feel great. Many modern sex toys are designed for this process and designed to let people feel a sense of total relaxation at the same time. Coming home to a space where they know it’s about about pleasure means that each person has something to look forward to in their lives where their needs take center stage and really matter. And Joujou’s website has a lot of options for sext toys https://www.joujou.com.au/

New Ways to Explore

Using sex toys offers the opportunity to find new ways for people to understand their own bodies and what makes them feel good. Each person has a specific sex life that needs expression in order for the person to remain mentally and physically healthy. This means that each person can use these kinds of toys to help them expand their understanding of the world of sex. When they know what they like best, they’re more included to be willing to explore that area further and find even greater pleasures in life. More ways to explore means more ways to love themselves and love a partner at the same time.

Having Lots of Fun

Livening up one’s life with Sex Toys Joujou can be done with great ease. Bringing these toys home encourages people to feel free to make love the way they want to make love. It also encourages people to work closely with someone they love and make that person happy in bed with them. Each person has what they need from these toys in order to create a sex life that makes them feel really fabulous. They also have what they need to make life outside of bed even more fun. A great night of love making with these toys is one that can make the days just as pleasing as people have something they can look forward to all day long. Everyone can benefit in life from buying these kinds of personal and private toys.